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project: pets are not products

Paws For Hope is a non-profit organization whose mission it is to build sustainable, long-term protection for dogs, cats, and small animals in BC. They came to us to build a three-week awareness campaign before the holidays. The intent: reduce (and ideally eliminate) pet purchases at pet stores while educating the general public that purchasing a pet directly supports breeding mills. Our brief was a challenging one: Be hard hitting without being off-putting.

Paws For Hope Poster Design
Paws For Hope Social Campaign Creation
Paws For Hope Social Campaign Creation
Paws For Hope Newspaper Ad Design
Paws For Hope Social Campaign Creation

WHAT, why, how

Social Campaign

We dug up some pretty heart-wrenching stats, took photos at a local shelter, and built a #petsarenotproducts campaign that made it really, really difficult to “like” a post, because it was so disturbing. The intent was to make people think. To question their own actions. And to see and read something that, ideally, they can never unsee, therefore changing the course of their decision-making. We coupled posts with well-timed blogs, web banner updates, and a whole lot of online engagement.

Poster Campaign

We supported our small digital effort with a local slap-up poster campaign in highly-trafficked retail areas. So anyone drooling over that puppy in the window ideally would get the hard facts before going in the store.


It was important to us and to this campaign that we had real and local photography. Since breaking the law and grabbing photos of pets in pet stores wasn’t up for grabs, we took an alternate route: We went to a local animal shelter and photographed the dogs, cats, and rabbits looking for homes. Creative direction was guided by education-based blog content. So our shot list supported the content we were pushing.