This is us

March 14, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen

When we were banging out ideas for our updated website, one of our Creative Renegades posed this question: “What is the story we’re really trying to tell here?”. We paused. We looked at each other. These are the kind of questions we ask our clients. Big questions with potentially meaty answers. The kind you stew over. And that you want ­– and need – to get right. Especially if you want your brand to resonate.

The story we want to tell is this: We are nice people who do really good work and who actually genuinely care about more than a succession of bottom line zeroes and award magazine kudos. We want to do great work for good people. We are a little weird and slightly disruptive. We don’t wear suits. We always bring it. We like to meet new people and share our talents. Using our company as a force for good is the heart of us.

When you come to our website (like right now!), we want you to not only read that message and see that message, but FEEL it, too.

So welcome. This is us.

Unapologetically. And with love.