The Office Shmoffice Experiment

May 1, 2015 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen

Today our team embarks on a 365-day pursuit of an unapologetically different and joyfully disruptive way of doing business.
We up and left the office last night. The last box was on the truck at 11:32pm. I sat in the empty room, looked around, and said “Thank you.”
This office has been home to killer collaborations. Lots of laughs. A few tears. Some hard conversations. Some hearty high fives. Incredibly poignant discussion on brand strategy. Goofy talent competitions. And a whole lot of heart-infused work. This has been a good place.

Good is good. Sure.
We asked ourselves a few months ago, however, Can it better?

Our answer?It can ALWAYS be better.

So we hatched a plan for work:life euphoria. And the Office Shmoffice Experiment was born.

Let me be honest: we have NO idea if this is going to be amazing or a fall-flat-on-our-faces kind of endeavour. We are committed, however, to seeing it through, massaging our tactics over time, having fun, rolling with the punches, and being unapologetic about our decision to ditch walls and file cabinets for a year or so.

Before you ask, here are answers to your burning questions:

  1. The business is fine, thank you very much.
    We have money. We have clients. We have work. We have projects. The phone is ringing. Emails are sending. Business is good.
    We aren’t going officeless to save a buck (though we won’t miss the hydro bill, holla!); we’re going officeless to challenge the status quo and really work in wonderful, wild, and extraordinary ways.
  2. We are not “remote”.
    In fact, the word “remote” makes us barf a little. It’s very ill-fitting. We’ve banned it. Because we are very much checked in, linked in, and working as a team – just as we always have. The difference is, Kim is doing it from a remote island in the Pacific, because that’s where her heart sings. Bill is doing it from his boat, because the water lights him up. Vero is doing it from the football pitch, because her best ideas come in the sweaty clutch. You get the idea.
    We come together on Wednesdays at miscellaneous locations – mountains, coffee shops, parks, boats, taco shacks, etc – and we collaborate. We jam. We throw ideas around. And we make our work shine. We use tools like Skype, Google Hangouts, and WebX to connect culturally even when we’re apart geographically.
  3. This is not an excuse to hang out in our jammies all day.
    This experiment is not about elastic waistbands and ponytails (though, we may succumb to this periodically. Not gonna lie.) It is about being inspired to do our best work by living lives that are free. We want to be free birds. Because free birds flap their wings stronger, harder, better. And they are WAY more creatively inspired to do brilliant work. We love jammies, sure; we love doing great work for good people more. We want our work to amaze. And to be amazing, we need to hoist the anchor and set sail.
  4. You can always find us.
    We have not escaped into the abyss. We are here. Call the same number you’ve always called: We’re here. Want to visit us in person, come jam with us on Wednesdays. Open invitation. We’ll post our whereabouts on Twitter. Want some solo time with one of our teammates? No problem. We’ll come to you. We’re here. We’re available. We’re working hard. It’s just different.

Here we go. Follow along #OfficeShmoffice and here on our blog. It’s sure to be a wild ride.