What Being a B Corp Means to Us.

Kim McMullen
B Corp

When we started this shop in 2006 and declared that we'd only work with nice people, there were some scoffs. We pressed forth. When we decided to give back 50% of our net profits to charity every year, our accountant practically choked on his carrot sticks. We did not waver. And in 2014, when we went through a detailed and arguably gruelling process to become a certified B Corporation, many of our peers asked "but why?" 

For us, the choice was simple. B Corps use their businesses as a force for good. So do we. Our values irrevocably aligned. We'd been aspiring to be as good of a company as possible—for our community and our environment and our team—for 9 years at that point. Applying to become a certified B Corp was the natural next step in walking the talk.

It's a pretty honourable group to be a part of. We shared values with the likes of big global players like Ben & Jerry's and Etsy, and local sustainable powerhouses like Left Coast Naturals and Ethical Bean. There are only a little over 2000 B Corps in the world. And we're one of them. It's an honour we don't take lightly. 

For us, being a B Corp means:

  1. Digging deeper. It means understanding the supply chain and letting ethics—not price point—guide our buying decisions.
  2. Giving back. We donate dollars. We donate talent. We donate time. Because it's the right thing to do. 
  3. Governance. We believe in autonomy, paying our employees well, and building a culture of commitment and mutual respect. 
  4. Connecting good people with good things. Whether it's our team providing incredible work to a do-gooding client or our team referring a do-gooding client to other B Corps doing good things. We like to see goodness grow exponentially.
  5. Building community. B Corps are some seriously forward thinking organizations. Being in their company is damn inspiring and ultra supportive. Only good things can come with hanging with this lot. 

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Kim McMullen

Kim gets up before the sun, drinks green juice on conference calls, says Bam! when she's proud of the team, and solves marketing challenges on mountain tops.