We like it weird.

Kim McMullen
Flipside Insights

Our team is a mishmash of oddballs. On purpose. 

We've never really hired on credentials. Don't get me wrong: our team is really stinkin' talented. While their resume accolades in bold all caps might have got them in the door for an interview, they didn't get them the job. Ever. We hire based on gut, impressions, and level of geekery.

Once, when we were hiring for an intern position and were having a tough time deciding between three candidates, it came down to who was the most wonderfully weird. (It was Helge, for the record. He showed up with purple tie with a trinity knot for his interview. We only know the name of the knot now because we were like "What the heck kind of awesome tie knot is that?" And then we talked about that, his affinity for de-stuffy-ifying the stigma around wearing suits, and his Magic The Gathering wins. Super nerd. LOVED him. And he was the absolute right person for the job. Nailed it.)

We like weird for a reason

  1. Weird people are passionate
    They full-tilt love what they love. They engross themselves in what lights them up. They are the kind of folks who give 110% if they dig what they're doing. GIve them work that lights them up, and they'll outperform every time. It's simple.

  2. Weird people are confident
    It's a quiet yet ballsy confidence. It's brave to show up in a world that's carved out a definition of "normal" and say whack-a-doodle stuff like: "Hey, I love tying knots!". To just geek the F out on what you love without apology. That kinda confidence breeds strong leadership.

  3. Weird people are creative.
    They think differently. They push boundaries. Natalia had an affinity for board games (and for winning). This made her an astute problem solver. She was always looking for a way to get the win. You've gotta be a little wacky to create.

  4. Weird people are precise.
    They take their craft seriously. Whatever it is—a passion for felines, for veggies, for excel sheets, for baseball—they know it inside out and backwards. All of it. They are keen on the minutia. That kind of detail-oriented precision is coveted in our industry.

  5. Weird people are straight up F-U-N
    Put small gang of nuts in a room, and you're bound to have a party. And, heck, work should be fun sometimes. It should feel light. Weird people keep the hustle real.

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Kim McMullen

Kim gets up before the sun, drinks green juice on conference calls, says Bam! when she's proud of the team, and solves marketing challenges on mountain tops.