Free Brand 2018: Forest and the Femme

Kim McMullen

We call it Free Brand—an annual (year-long) commitment to one amazing non-profit. We work together. We collaborate. And we rebrand with the intention of helping grassroots charities rise and achieve their mission and vision.

This year, we're working with Forest and the Femme.

This Vancouver-based organization that connects women who are marginalized—be it by poverty, homelessness, mental illness, street-based survival sex work, and/or drug addiction—with nature to empower them with possibility. One participant summed up the beauty of the organization with simple eloquence: "It helps you release the power of the woman in you." Another said that her time in nature with Forest and the Femme "was my survival getaway from where I live and that day it could have saved my life."

Leaving their circumstance for a moment is nature is not an opportunity that presents itself to these women often. They have many barriers to accessing things in like that many of consider simple—like a walk in the woods. Forest and the Femme gives these women legs to leave their circumstance behind for an afternoon, a day, and sometimes even over night, for a chance to just be—without the stress and fear of real-life—in nature. For the organization there is no doubt, the healing power of Mother Nature is second to none.

Free Brand aims to empower Forest and the Femme.

Our goal this year is to help Forest and the Femme, which operates currently on a budget of less than $60,000/year (What?!), achieve their vision and mission through increased donor support, community awareness, and sponsorships. We'll build a marketing plan and implement marketing materials aimed to give the organization legs to do its amazing work better and for more women in need.

Read more about Free Brand and what it's all about here.

Follow Forest and the Femme on Instagram here. And on Facebook here. And if you're feeling generous (and we hope you are) you can donate to the organization here.

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Kim McMullen

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