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Kim McMullen

When Flipside opened its doors for the first time in 2006, our mission was clear: we would always always ALWAYS use our talent as an opportunity to do good. What that meant then (and what it still means now) is that whenever we could afford to give our work away for free, we would. And so we do. To the people and organizations who need it most. 

Although we have 17,000 giveback policies (or close to it), one of our biggest, most poignant, deep in our bellies is Free Brand. Which is exactly what it says it is: A brand. For free. No catch.

Every year, we research local grassroots organizations. The kind run by passionate folks who give all of their own heart, soul, time, and money to make the world better. The labour of love kind of organizations. The ones where the EDs are unpaid and have another full-time job “on the side.”


Then we pick one and offer up a 12-month working relationship, for free. Over the course of 12 months we build them a brand, which includes:

By December, they’re set to build awareness, connect with new donors, and execute on their missions with the tools to shine. We hug. And cry a little. And we send them off into the world to do their amazing work—now with a solid brand and strategy to stand on. It's magical.

We don’t work for free all the time, by the way. If we were millionaires, we most definitely would. But when we do work for free, we do it with our whole hearts.
And it's our very favourite thing.

Naysayers and skeptics inevitably ask: “What's in it for you?" which is already rooted in ego and a little self-serving in our opinion. But, hey, that’s why they’re skeptics.


Our answer is always the same and unwavering: 

“Because we’re actually literally making the world better. And that feels exceptionally good.”

It seems like a no-brainer to us.

Stay tuned to hear more about this year's Free Brand client, a brave little non-profit with massive impact.


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Kim McMullen

Kim gets up before the sun, drinks green juice on conference calls, says Bam! when she's proud of the team, and solves marketing challenges on mountain tops.