11 years. And only a couple of jerks.

Kim McMullen
Flipside Insights

I was 27 when I walked tall out of severely toxic and generally unethical work environment and into entrepreneurship. I was a baby really. A business baby, at least. I knew nothing about running a business, growing a business, or earning business.

I did know, however, that the kind of business I wanted to run was one rooted in kindness. Naysayers were plenty: “There are no nice people at the top, Kim”, “You’ll be walked over!”, and “You’re dreamin’!” But I grew up with a stubborn streak, and I held fast. 

Today, Flipside is 11 years old. 11 years strong. 11 years kind.

In its 11 chapters, you’ll find all sorts of tales—exciting ups and heart-wrenching downs. There have been wins—big contracts, incredible brands, long relationships, high-fives, impressive teamwork, accolades, late night creative pushes, charitable initiatives, plane rides, award dinners, media, press, team picnics, trophies. All sorts of super fun and happy stuff. And there have been losses, too—client bankruptcies, cash flow crises, lawsuits, lies, hard-drive meltdowns, mistakes, cancer, butting heads, disappointment, tears, layoffs, and wrong decisions. All sorts of really hard stuff.

And I’m really proud of it all. 

I’m proud our Flipside family—all the incredible people who’ve ebbed and flowed through our doors over the past decade with grace. Good, trustworthy, kind, talented, humble, totally likeable, not-at-all annoying humans (and one dog). No inappropriate drunk uncles. 

I’m proud of those moments when against our better judgement a jerk or two slipped through the cracks and we had the balls to change our minds when it didn’t feel right and steady the ship, even though it was hard because the money was good and we really needed it. But not at the expense of our values.

I’m proud of the work we’ve accomplished. And not just the award-winning stuff. The more than $100,000 of free work we've given to local charities over the years. The teensy-budget stuff that we still managed to make super great and ultra-effective because damn we cared so much. The brand overhauls that changed the course of business for our clients. I am proud of the nationwide campaigns and those one-off business cards we did for a friend because he had a cool idea and no budget, and we really want to help out. And everything in between.

I’m proud that after 11 years as an accidental businessowner, somehow I’ve managed to attract a small gang of ultra talented and caring individuals who put their own hearts into building this empire of awesome—which is so much greater, more impactful, more meaningful, for world-changing than I ever imagined possible.

Happy Birthday to us.

Great work, team!

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Kim McMullen

Kim gets up before the sun, drinks green juice on conference calls, says Bam! when she's proud of the team, and solves marketing challenges on mountain tops.