Refresh a 67-year-old company and launch its sister company.


  • - Brand identity
  • - Stationery
  • - Copywriting
  • - Brochure design
  • - Web design & development
  • - Thank you card campaign
  • - Advertising campaign

Western Propeller + AeroParts Plus are not jerks

Listen, we get it. Aviation is not exactly the “cleanest” industry around. So we scoffed, just like you did. Until we met the forward-thinking, earth-loving, customer-focused gentlemen at the helm of these two companies. They are revolutionaries in their industry and keen on making big impacts with small, bold moves. They adamantly refuse to use styrofoam popcorn to send parts worldwide even though it’s the industry norm. They do business on a handshake and with a smile. And they print all of their materials with UV inks and FSC-approved stock. Aviators with heart.