Telus Health


Script and animate a video that will help the telecom giant tell its little known health-conscious business story to internal teams first, and then the masses.


  • - Ideation
  • - Scripting
  • - Custom illustration
  • - Voice over
  • - Video animation and production

Telus Health is not a jerk.

Sometimes the big guys get a lot of flack. And we’re the first to dish it (not gonna lie!). But Telus Health, a division of Telus, is all sorts of love and light in our books. The company is using its big brain trust to develop a proactive health-conscious division that puts preventative health at the forefront and gives consumers the tools they need to be nicer to themselves, their bodies, their families. We wish we could tell you all about it, but we’d have to kill you. So, instead, believe us. This is gonna be goooood!

Note: The video content is top secret so we can’t press play on the whole thing. Here are snippets of a three-minute wonder.