Brilliant Ink


Brilliant Ink is an employee engagement firm out of Oakland, CA with big ideas on inspiring organizations and their people to transform the way they connect with their jobs. They asked us to update their brand to more accurately and authentically match their bold mission to change the world through engaging employee experiences. So we did. And it was... well... a brilliant experience for us all.


  • - Logo
  • - Tagline
  • - Website
  • - Internal collateral
  • - Business cards
  • - Custom pattern and iconography

Brilliant Ink is not a jerk.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” is Brilliant Ink’s mantra. They’re social do-gooders and community cravers who respect and celebrate the strength in diversity. They believe in giving their all to clients, each other, and themselves. They are heart, quick wit, and strategic intellect rolled up into one incredible change-making company. They amaze us with their ability to strike balance, empower people, and disrupt the status quo. They’re some of the coolest people we know.