BC Parks


Create an authentic, culturally-respectful, informative, and refreshing trail experience for tourists and residents alike on one of Canada's most beautiful and written about trails: The Golden Spruce Trail.


  • - Cultural research and interviews
  • - Storytelling / Copywriting
  • - Concept development
  • - Design and layout
  • - Collaboration with Haida artists

BC Parks is not a Jerk.

BC Parks is passionately dedicated to ensuring that everyone can enjoy beautiful British Columbia. Their team works tirelessly to maintain trail systems, like the Golden Spruce Trail, respect nature, work collaboratively with First Nations to share the land, stories, and culture, and create enthusiasm for the great outdoors. BC Parks hired us to create a trail experience that told the story of the Golden Spruce and of the magic of Haida Gwaii without bulldozing beautiful land to put marketing messages in. They wanted to educate without devastation. They are constant preservationists and tree huggers who generously share their love of the land with everyone. We are so grateful that BC Parks exists. Because of them, so many adventures are possible.