brilliant ink

+ Brand identity
+ Tagline development
+ Stationery
+ Print collateral
+ Custom pattern and iconography
+ Website design

project: rebrand

Brilliant Ink is an employee engagement firm in New York that inspires employers to transform the way their employees connect with their jobs. They do some seriously innovative work in the HR space—and their brand wasn’t keeping up with the momentum. They asked us to update their brand to more accurately and authentically match their bold mission to change the world through engaging employee experiences. So we did. And it was... well... pretty darn brilliant.

Logo design for Brilliant Ink, by Flipside Creative.
Business card design for Brilliant Ink, by Flipside Creative.

“We loved being your client and you taught us some things on how to treat our clients in the same way. Gifts, project brief updates, brainstorms—all awesome!”

loriana mitchell, brilliant ink
Custom icon design for Brilliant Ink, by Flipside Creative.
Web design for Brilliant Ink, by Flipside Creative.

WHAT, why, how

First, we hopped on a plane, rented an electric blue economy car, and met the Brilliant Ink team for some afternoon yoga and one seriously disruptive discovery session—with the entire team. There were whiteboard markers, sticky notes, and a whole lotta big bold ideas.

It was obvious form the get-go that Brilliant Ink’s decade old DIY brand no longer served its purpose. Our Discovery revealed two key things:

  1. Brilliant Ink is a company of forward-thinking, bold, gutsy talent who have the capacity to change the HR game. For good.
  2. They don't play small. Ever.

This was our foundation for brand development.


We created a custom typeface identity system with multiple application options. It was grown up, bold, bright but not impulsive. Intentionally full of momentum yet grounded in stability.


In speaking with Brilliant Ink’s clients—corporate HR professionals keen on improving their employee experience and increasing employee retention—the benefit of their services was clear. And it evolved into a confident, clear, benefits-driven tagline: Power to your people.

Custom pattern and iconography

The Brilliant Ink pattern is layers upon layers of shapes and colours that are brought together harmoniously and beautifully, mimicking exactly how Brilliant Ink’s unique team expertise can take all the pieces of a corporation and present it powerfully (and irresistibly) to employees. Iconography is playful, colourful, yet simple and to the point.


Using a base template directed by the client, we overlayed the Brilliant Ink brand elements to created a fluid user experience.