CreateAthon 2015: It’s on!

October 22, 2015 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen

It’s that time of year again: Createathon!

Once a year, for 24 hours straight, our team embarks on a round-the-clock marathon of creativity for charities.

We write. We strategize. We design. We code. We implement. And we bang around ideas until our eyes are dry, our bodies are hunched over, and our hearts are so full they could burst!

This year’s Createathon recipients are:

In the next 24 hours, our team will pour our hearts into creating media plans, social strategies, identities, brochureware, campaigns, and more for these 5 giving organizations.

We absolutely cannot do this alone. Createathon is a team and community effort!

  • The AMAZINGLY generous folks at The Hive are donating 24-hour office space to our team.
  • Wallflower is donating lunches and snacks to fuel our team.
  • Ethical Bean hooked us up with coffee for the day.
  • Bandidas is providing vegetarian breakfast to get us rolling.
  • Mills Basics is printing our creative at 5 AM so we can present in style to our Createathon clients!

The clocks starts NOW!!!

Here we go!