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The Golden Clutch December 24, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen This is Stacey. She is a Creative Renegade. If Flipside were a person, she'd be our right arm, and left lung, and knee cap, and taste buds, and... Basically, this girl is our heart. So it was a no brainer when it was time to give out our Golden Clutch Award, to the Flipsidian who bravely and boldly came through in the clutch all year long for clients, teammates, vendors, etc, that Stacey has earned top honours... READ MORE Meet Bill: The Suit October 23, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen Great news for Flipside and our killer clients: Bill Hayley has joined our team and he is the just the coolest. Bill is a suit, but you'll never catch him in a tie and buttoned up collar (unless he lost a bet)... READ MORE Meet Veronica! October 20, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen There's a new Director of Client Happiness in the studio and her name is Veronica! Veronica Villalva is the newest member of the Flipside team and we are SO excited to have her aboard. In addition to being ultra adorable, super cool, and incredibly fashionable, Veronica is also a whip-smart strategist with an International Business Degree and an MBA – plus and a super kind soul – who's keen to use her talent to help Flipside's clients change the world... READ MORE Nico: Creative Renegade September 10, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen We met Nico on a Friday. He started on a Monday. He is infectious all around. Nico is the newest member of the Flipside team (welcome Nico!) and the only man in the office (He's brave.) He has a BFA from UBC so he's mad talented... READ MORE Thank You Cafe Bica! June 19, 2014 | POSTED BY Natalia Baelde It's almost daily that at least one member of our team says "I'm running to Bica to grab a coffee. Or soup!" Cafe Bica serves amazing food and drinks. Honestly, their Potato Bacon soup is the best I've ever tasted... READ MORE Ad Masters Monday: French April 28, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen Neil French is an advertising master. A copywriting master, actually. As a girl with a degree in rhetoric and a general (and often times vocal) distaste for poor syntax and a bad sales line, I consider French one of the best copywriters around... READ MORE Ad Masters Monday: Reeves April 21, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen When I was tasked to write my first TV commercial in 2002, I took on the project with gusto – and fear. I'd never written for television. I was a print girl, through and through. So I did some digging: and I uncovered Rosser Reeves... READ MORE Ad Masters Monday: Cialdini March 31, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen It's been nearly 15 years since I graduated with a degree in Rhetoric (The art of persuasion). My dad calls it a "Degree in bullshit". Which may or may not be far from the truth. My love for words and the power of a perfectly crafted message has been prevalent since I could spell... READ MORE Ad Masters Monday: Sagmeister March 24, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen When I first saw him at a design conference a decade ago, I called him "The Sag". Like "The Fonz". "I'm gonna see The Sag," I bragged to my equally geeky ad biz friends. "Who?" "Sagmeister," I said sheepishly, vying that by the end of the weekend, he would be "The Sag" for real and he would call me "The McMul"... READ MORE