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Marketing with heart and soul November 22, 2015 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen The Valley Women's Network invited me to speak to their passionate group of female entrepreneurs. The topic: Marketing with heart and soul. I know, I said. "Heart and soul". Sounds a little woo-woo... READ MORE 10 reasons to rebrand September 8, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen Your mom designed your logo in 1972. Sorry mom. We enjoyed the 70s, too. Please leave the designing to the professionals. (This goes for friends with Photoshop, cousins who are “artsy”, and your neighbour who has a colour printer... READ MORE Marketing vs Branding April 24, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen Crash course on marketing and branding: Marketing is for products. Branding is for customers. The two go hand in hand (Obviously, in my humble opinion). They should be indistinguishable. A yin and yang for every company... READ MORE The Joy of a Retainer April 23, 2014 | POSTED BY Natalia Baelde You know what's great about being on retainer? It's a win-win for both you (the client) and our studio. If you're anything like me, you like to plan ahead for what your monthly expenses will be. You want to have some sort of idea of what bills are coming in and when they are due... READ MORE Why Marketing Costs $$ April 16, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen Listen, we get it: budgets are tight. Most people run a tight ship. The economy isn't always friendly. And sometimes, cheap is easy. (Cheap is always easy.) But, if saving a buck doesn't help you make more bucks, it's really not worth it... READ MORE Words are wonderful March 26, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen Listen here. Read all about it. News flash: A crappy sentence can make or break a brand. Yes. 10 words strung together have the power to resonate and engage or to deter an audience from your brand. Oftentimes, businesses make the mistake of building a visual brand first, and a verbal brand last (or never)... READ MORE