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Marketing & Mountains October 2, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen When I'm not coming up with marketing ideas, I'm hiking mountains. It is my true love. On a recent trip to Peru, I stood at 4800m in a hail storm kitty corner to a glacier as the sun tried to break through iron clad clouds with admirable conviction... READ MORE Isn’t it remarkable! August 20, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen We are thrilled to announce our nomination as one of The Globe and Mail's most remarkable small businesses. This september The Globe and Mail's Report on Small Business will profile the country's most remarkable small and medium-sized businesses... READ MORE Process & creativity June 4, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen Sitting in a group of creative types being all hipster like, as I do, I became engaged in a conversation about process and creativity. "Process kills creativity in advertising," said one. Others nodded... READ MORE The Joy of a Retainer April 23, 2014 | POSTED BY Natalia Baelde You know what's great about being on retainer? It's a win-win for both you (the client) and our studio. If you're anything like me, you like to plan ahead for what your monthly expenses will be. You want to have some sort of idea of what bills are coming in and when they are due... READ MORE Why Marketing Costs $$ April 16, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen Listen, we get it: budgets are tight. Most people run a tight ship. The economy isn't always friendly. And sometimes, cheap is easy. (Cheap is always easy.) But, if saving a buck doesn't help you make more bucks, it's really not worth it... READ MORE Make your own rules April 14, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen Any Graphic Designer that tells you they don't like rules is lying. Well... okay. Maybe they are not lying. But one of the things that I, and many other designers, nerd out on is building, creating, and following the foundations of a solid brand... READ MORE Pin! Pin! Pin! March 20, 2014 | POSTED BY Natalia Baelde I love Pinterest. Seriously. I love that I can find anything and everything there. Things like unique tips and tricks for cleaning (hello, baking soda!). Or inspiration on what to wear today. I can find inspiration for my dream home... READ MORE Being nice is good for business March 19, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen It was a hot day in April 2006 when the idea of an agency that does work for good companies began to percolate. I was having a conversation with a former employer. “What do you want to do here?” he asked as we broke bread... READ MORE This is us March 14, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen When we were banging out ideas for our updated website, one of our Creative Renegades posed this question: “What is the story we’re really trying to tell here?”. We paused. We looked at each other... READ MORE