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The struggle is real March 24, 2016 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen I was sitting with some business students chatting about, well, business. How our company started. How it has evolved. The highs. The lows. The unexpected. The amazing bits. And the ugly bits. "Heck!" I said, "I've cried in a lot of corners and second guessed myself a thousand times... READ MORE The Coffee Shop Office October 8, 2015 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen For five months now, our committed team of creative renegades and project mojo enthusiasts have connected every Wednesday without fail in person at a coffee shop. We rarely go to the same place twice... READ MORE The message matters September 8, 2015 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen If you want your marketing to work, hire a writer. A really good writer. A great writer. A writer who gets your company, your products, your services and who can articulate the benefits in a resonant way to your key target audience... READ MORE Get personal. June 1, 2015 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen It was April 29: The bank called and said our corporate credit card had been compromised and that they had automatically cancelled it and were sending a new one. Though inconvenient, I appreciated their diligence... READ MORE Working box-less May 26, 2015 | POSTED BY Natalia Baelde Our Chief of Project Mojo, Veronica, gives us the lowdown on #officeshmoffic love: Here's what I love about the #officeshmoffice experiment: (more…) READ MORE Respect your fear, mama said. May 15, 2015 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen It was a Wednesday and the shower water was running cold when I was noodling over giving up the office for a year. I scribbled on a notepad on the window sill an arm's length from the shower curtain: #officeshmoffice – Possible? Crazy? A droplet of water dripped from my wrist to the paper and "crazy" turned into a kaleidoscope ink blot... READ MORE 8 ways to weather a storm. February 25, 2015 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen As a small business built on heart not profit, there's one thing we know for sure: business is stormy. High pressure systems come in like a cougar lying in wait. They pounce. Hard. And suddenly you're knee deep in a river without a jacket in a hail storm alone with a WTF look on your face... READ MORE The core is trust. February 19, 2015 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen When I buy a pair of running shoes, I trust that they're going to hold up to the mud, grit, sweat, and tears on the trails, tracks, and race circuits. When I go get a massage, I trust that the therapist knows what she's doing, that she'll cure what ails me, that she'll cautiously and expertly do her best... READ MORE Top 10: Agency Insights September 15, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen The top ten things all clients should know about working with a creative agency. We went to school for this. Most of us spent a minimum of four years studying colour theory, rhetoric, the psychology of selling, principles of layout, etc... READ MORE Handshakes and hugs August 18, 2014 | POSTED BY Kim McMullen I recently met with an incredible and visionary business owner. Before we started talking about some really cool stuff he had percolating at his shop, he looked at me and said: "FriendDA?" I nodded and smiled... READ MORE