A look at what we created!

June 28, 2016 | POSTED BY Natalia Baelde

What an event! This was one of the best CreateAthons we’ve had, and it was because there were so many fantastic people involved.

Thank you to the volunteers who helped donate their time:

Flipside Creative
Flightdeck Media
Salt Design
Sprout Creative
Jena Greenburg

Thank you to all the people who donated food and coffee to keep us going:

Bandidas Taqueria
Lost + Found Café
Ethical Bean

Thank you to HiVE and Deanna for hosting and staying with us for 24 hours so we could work.

But most importantly, thank you to these amazing organizations. Thank you for trusting us with your brands. This is our small way of saying thank you for everything that you do. Our world needs you.

PACE Society
Children’s Organ Transplant Society
Semiahmoo Animal Leque Inc. (SALI)
Kids Up Front
ChariTree Foundation
Covenant House

Here is a look at some of the work that was created this year.

Screenshot 2016-06-28 12.27.25    Screenshot 2016-06-28 12.25.43    Screenshot 2016-06-28 12.24.58    Screenshot 2016-06-28 12.24.21    Screenshot 2016-06-28 12.22.19     Screenshot 2016-06-28 12.20.12